As I watched the Apple commercial “Powerful” one night I got an idea: what if there were a series of commercials with the same theme but focusing on how Apple technology has empowered me and many others who have disabilities to pursue their dreams and “be powerful” in our own way.

I initially threw this idea out on Facebook and a few weeks later, Christopher Hills posted a great video of iOS 8 Switch Control that featured this theme in the intro. I loved the way Christopher presented the idea and this inspired me to create my own video.

I went down to the waterfront in St. Petersburg, Florida (where I live) to watch the sunrise on a Sunday morning. Unfortunately, it had been raining most of the weekend and the view of the sunrise was not that great. That gave me an idea: let’s not waste the trip, let’s make a quick video. Armed with my iPhone, I recorded a series of 4-5 clips while the light was still good. I then used iMovie right on the phone to edit the clips into a short video that is about the length of a typical commercial. Here is the result:

Do you know anyone else whose story demonstrates how they are “more powerful” with technology? Post it online and then use the hashtag Christopher created: #iAmMorePowerfulThanYouThink

2 thoughts on “You’re More Powerful Than You Think

  1. You are simply amazing!!! You never cease to stop challenging my thinking and make me want to work harder to expand how I think about technology and stretch the ways It can be used! I just love yours and Chris’s videos so much! I also can not wait to follow the hashtag and make sure so many others see yours and Chris’s videos!!! So very very powerful!!! Well done!!!

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