My new book focusing on accessibility for Apple users who have low vision is now available for download from the iBookstore.

Cover of Supporting Students with Low Vision Using Apple Technology

The book includes more than 25 short video tutorials (closed-captoined) to go along with explanations of the built-in accessibility features of iOS devices, the Mac, Apple TV and even Apple Watch (I was only able to record one video on Zoom by visiting my local Apple Store, since I don’t yet have access to an Apple Watch – more videos on Apple Watch will be added in a future update). The book also has a section on apps for those with low vision as well as some tips for creating more accessible iBooks content for those who have low vision. A final section focuses on accessories that I use as a person with low vision (stands, bone conduction headphones and the like).

I hope you enjoy the book, find it a valuable resource and will provide me with feedback so that I can make future updates even better.

To celebrate the release of this new book, I have made a few updates to my previous book (A Touch of Light), which is now FREE.

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