My last post focused on the accessibility features learners can use to access content while they are at home due to school closures related to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis. This blog will focus on the flip side of our accessibility coin: accessible tools are only as good as the content we provide them. In this post, I’ll provide a selection of tutorials I have developed over the years that focus on basic accessibility best practices, starting with SLIDE.

Slide Into Accessibility

I developed this series of short videos for a presentation I delivered at the ISTE conference. It was accompanied by a blog post that explain each of the principles in more detail: Styles, Links, Images, Design and Empathy.



Google Docs Accessibility

This series of four videos covers the basic steps of making a Google Doc more accessible.


Book Creator

This video shows how to add image descriptions in Book Creator.



And to end with a little inspiration (but not inspiration porn), I leave you with I’m More Powerful Than You Think as a reminder of our why. These learners are why we will continue to work hard over the next few weeks to develop stronger, more inclusive educational systems.

Onward in health.

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