I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this difficult situation we are facing due to the outbreak of COVID-19 around the world. I have put together a “playlist” of some of the tutorials and resources I have shared on this website over the years, with the goal of providing some tools for ensuring all students can access learning materials while schools are closed. My goal is to keep things simple and not overwhelm you with too many tools (apps and extensions) – very rarely does one of my tutorials go over the 5 minute mark. You have enough on your plate as a parent and educator (or in your other roles as well). So, I’m going to focus on the technology you probably already have at home.

Apple (iPad and iPhone)

I have created a YouTube playlist with tutorials for each of the basic accessibility features included on iOS devices (like the iPad and iPhone). Some of the tutorials are older, but the features work in a similar way on later versions of iOS. I have also added some recent videos highlighting new features in iOS 13 (Zoom, VoiceOver and Speak on Touch).


You should also check out:


You should also check out:

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo devices can be used as  book readers (with Audible and Kindle titles), and it can also support learners (and remote workers) with a variety of tasks (setting timers to take breaks while working at home, controlling lights and more).

Windows Devices

Stay tuned. I’ll be doing a video later this week on how I use Windows 10 on my laptop as a person with low vision.

And remember: Take care of yourself by drinking enough water, eating well and taking frequent breaks to practice deep breathing and mediation. Just like you are told on a plane – put the mask on first. You can’t help anyone if you yourself are sick and need assistance. We will get through this difficult situation by being there for each other.

It is heartwarming how the assistive tech community is already coming together to address questions and offer assistance. If you have time, check out the AT Town Hall organized by Mike Marotta, with a number of brilliant people that I count as my colleagues and friends.

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